Woods perfume

If you are so fortunate as to live near hickory trees, and if a late spring breeze happens to jostle a few immature hickory nuts loose, take your handy pocket knife (the one you’ve NEVER used as a screwdriver) and slice open one of the fuzzy little lime-colored nuts.

Take a sniff.

Take another and try to savor that intoxicating bouquet.

All of the classic hickory spice locked away in the wood, and usually only released by flame, will greet your nose in condensed form along with surprising notes of citrus, fresh-mown grass, and I think a hint of honey is in there, too.

Soon the summer sun will bake the hickory nuts into a hard-shelled forest offering accessible only by set of pliers, a couple of rocks, or squirrel tooth.

But right now they can be a soft and juicy scent dispenser full of woods perfume I could sniff all day long.

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