The Future is American Pokeweed

Friends, I've got a new project underway and a new incarnation of me as a writer.

I present to you American Pokeweed on Substack and writer J.Carrol Sain.

Substack is a publishing tool that allows writers to deliver content to subscribers in an email newsletter, very similar to this platform, but with added benefit to the content creator. Basically, if you dig what I write about, then you can sign up to get this email newsletter (again, very much like you're already doing here) and read the free content. If you REALLY dig my writing you can get a paid subscription ($5 a month or $50 a year) and get access to fresh content not available to regular subscribers.

Right now, I'm promising one batch of new content a month, but I figure there'll be multiple batches from time to time. And if there is more interest, I guarantee there will be more content. I've not done well when it comes to posting content here. That's because I was selling content to other publications, and I have a finite supply of creative energy. But things have changed. Mostly my thinking about writing and the writing industry has changed.

I'm going to be transparent here: This move is largely because I'm sick and tired of working up pitches for magazines and then dealing with editors who have a different "vision" for the story. The last editor I worked with was an MIT graduate who specialized in scientific writing. The story was published, but the experience went about as well as you think it did with that kind of pairing.

I'm also weary of pitching books, writing sample chapters, and getting so damn close and then having the door shut because "you're a helluva writer, Johnny, but we don't think we can sell enough of your books."

So yeah, a lot of this project is fueled by resentment. I'll own it.

On American Pokeweed, I can write what I want, how I want, and I can maybe make a little income to boot. It's felt quite liberating so far, and I can also feel those writing muscles loosening up, strengthening with every syllable typed, ready to forge something bold and new -- the next evolution of who I am as a writer.

I appreciate your support of The Philosophical Hillbilly, and I'm not sure about what I'm going to do with it going forward. But for now, here's the first post all about what American Pokeweed is and what to expect. Give it a gander, and if you're so moved, sign up as a subscriber. Much Obliged,

J.Carrol Sain

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