Johnny Carrol Sain

As a freelance writer/editor, I make my living with the written word mostly dealing with environmental issues, hunting, fishing, and rural culture. As an overthinking quasi-hillbilly, I've got eclectic tastes and broader interests. So this site is where I publish stuff that probably can't be published anywhere else.


Expect candid thoughts about varied subjects that might include: fried squirrel, the metaphysics of nuance, talking in tongues, sipping Tennessee whiskey, god(s), Jesus, the meditative qualities of wood smoke, why I'm heathen as a damn crow, the absolute necessity of the Oxford comma, and whatever other topics come to mind. I'm a wannabe poet so, hell, there might even be some bad poetry. 


I also tend to relive boyhood through writing. So there'll likely be some flashbacks here and there.  


You can find my work in Sporting Classics, Arkansas Life, Quail Forever, National Wildlife, ABOUT the River Valley, HATCH Fly Fishing magazine, MidCurrent Fly Fishing magazine, and various other regional and national publications. The "BYLINES" page on this site has links to some of this work, and I'll try to keep that page fresh. 


Much obliged to you for stopping by. 





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